So Why Choose Attorney Ann LoDolce As Your Divorce Mediator?

  • She’s a winner: Attorney LoDolce wins MORE cases than any other law firm on the south shore
  • She’s Ranked as New England’s Best Family Law Mediator for 2013 (Boston Globe)
  • She is highly experienced (over 300 cases)
  • Her Firm Ranks in Top 3% in Peer Review Ratings
  • She adds a personal touch: You’re working directly with Attorney LoDolce rather than a huge law firm that accrues huge fees.

Firm Mission Statement: Divorce With Dignity

Ann LoDolce founded LoDolce Family Law to provide the South Shore Community with a law firm that is committed to the practice of dispute resolution without the rancor and pain associated with court mandated litigation.

She has a divorce strategy that focus’ on the more reasonable processes of Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law.

Ann deeply believes that mediation guided by a trained Attorney-Mediator will generally produce better between the parties. Best of all, positive outcomes are accomplished without the pain, destructiveness and profound costs normally associated with divorce litigation.

Ann LoDolce’s goal, in every event, is a divorce with dignity for each of her clients.

However, if circumstances demand that we litigate, we will commit everything in our power to WIN!

Contact Attorney Ann LoDolce • The South Shore’s Top Collaborative Divorce Attorney • (508) 583-2424.

Our firm has a widely known and well deserved reputation for mastery of this extremely challenging process.

Through the years, Ann LoDolce has tried over 300 difficult, contentious cases. Indeed, many of these cases were referred to her practice by top-ranked Boston Law firms.

While LoDolce Family Law cannot ever guarantee the outcome of any case, public Probate Court records in Plymouth, Norfolk, and Bristol counties, clearly demonstrate that LoDolce Family Law wins more cases than any other law firm on the South Shore.

This office holds in high esteem that which Abraham Lincoln wrote on July 1, 1850, in a manuscript containing his observations:

“Discourage Litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  Point out to them how a nominal winner is often the real loser–in fees, expenses and waste of time.  As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.”

What is a Divorce?