When a couple has substantial property or debts, divorce can be a complicated process, even with no children. Ann LoDolce can provide you with guidance through mediation in apportioning assets and debts.

Asset valuation issues in a divorce can be inherently complicated, causing it to become a complex divorce. There are several issues that can complicate the valuation of the marital estate, including the following:

  • Commingled Assets: Commingled assets may include the appreciation of non-marital assets during a marriage, as well as additional separate funds earned during the marriage commingled with funds of the marriage.
  • Professional Businesses: Professional practices can be difficult to value. Our firm works with an established network of financial professionals and experts to assist in valuing professional businesses, including medical professionals (doctors, surgeons, and other medical practices), legal professionals (attorneys’ and lawyers’ legal practices), dental practices, engineers, architects, accountants, and other professional businesses.
  • Real Estate Holdings: Our team of legal professionals works closely with real estate professionals and real estate appraisers to determine the fair market value of the marital property and other real estate holdings in which you may have a financial interest.
  • Inheritance Issues: Our West Palm Beach Asset Valuation Attorneys assist clients in determining whether inheritance property is yours, theirs, or marital. There are many factors to consider, and we can assist you in sorting out the details and making a determination regarding inherited property.
  • Closely Held Business: Closely held corporations or companies have many of the same issues as professional businesses. We can help sift through the issues and obtain a fair valuation of the closely held business.
  • Securities, Retirement, and Investment Accounts: We have substantial experience with the asset valuation of retirement, pension, and other security investment accounts, including stock options and QDROS.

There is more to asset valuation than the actual current value of an asset. Tax consequences and other factors should be taken into consideration.

If you have substantial assets and debts that will need to be valued and divided, please schedule a confidential consultation with Attorney Ann LoDoce by calling us at (508) 583-2424. Our network of professionals and our skilled asset valuation team will assist you in understanding the issues you face, determining fair value of assets and debts, and represent your financial and emotional interests in a divorce.

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