LoDolce Family Law helps with divorce modifications and enforcement.

People’s situations change over time, and divorced individuals are no exception. You may find your situation changed since your divorce, and you need to modify the child support, alimony, child custody or parenting plan.

Ann LoDolce can assist you in mediating a post-judgment divorce modification including the following:

  • Child Custody Modification: due to a material change in circumstances.
  • Parenting Plan: because the needs of the children have materially changed as they grow older, or due to the relation of a parent, or the children.
  • Child Support: due to a significant change in circumstances of either parent, such as the loss of employment, increase in income, a child leaving home, or a child going to college.
  • Alimony or Spousal Support Modification: Attorney LoDolce also has extensive experience assisting clients with alimony and spousal support modification requests.

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